(Formerly "Burke's Worx")

High-Level Customer Service, Communication and Accountability with:
Light Landscaping 
Real Estate Investing
Other Property Services

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I really like Burke's because they're dependable, reliable and I feel very comfortable having them in my house."  Lynne, Hudson

Wow.  That's incredibly kind of you.  Much appreciated...You're a star!  Many thanks for everything, Brian.  Thx for all your help.  Richard

I'm Brian.  After years of perfect 5-star reviews with my businesses, working at former jobs where I received formal customer service training and won corporate service awards, I have learned the value of being accountable, communicating well and doing the extra little things...


  • I return calls--ALWAYS!  Even  if I can't do the job.  I hate when contractors don't call back!
  • I NEVER say "I'm too busy" after not showing up and not contacting you
  • I do the little things to impress you...see the My Obsession / Pledge page for some examples
  • *I'm NOT a crew of workers in a rush to get to the next job.   I will ensure quality because...It's just me and I pay attention to detail and quality
  • I show up on time or let you know why I can't (...ahead of time)
  • I am accountable and own up to any mistakes instead of hoping you don't discover them
  • I will come back and fix and/or improve anything you're not happy with, within reason


--Quick and Affordable Makeovers 

--Mailbox and Front Steps Dress Up

--I Find Properties for R.E. Investors

--House projects like power washing

and gutter cleaning

--Smaller Interior jobs:

Rooms, Hallways, Stairways, etc

--Select exterior jobs:

Fences, Garages, Sheds, etc

HUGE attention to Detail!

Weed Whackers, Not Plant Hackers!
Weed Whackers NOT Plant Hackers! Blog post coming soon about how Burke's Worx is NOT a crew of landscapers buzzing[...]

Need rooms painted in your home?  Walkway and deck need power washing?  Weeds getting out of control?  Well, you get the point...I help with many projects around your property...WITH MAJOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY!

Get ready for something new in the trades...I RETURN CALLS, SHOW UP ON TIME AND OWN UP TO ANY MISTAKES.  Yup.  This is not a mis-print.  Just wait till we wow you with our service!