My Commitment to Commercial Clients

I never want to step on toes...

Certainly, I realize that commercial properties and businesses of all types, already have landscaping, painting and other contractor services.

I would NEVER want to step on anyone's toes and move in on an existing relationship that you may have with a contractor.

But...please feel free to treat me like the "SUBSTITUTE TEACHER" or someone to fill in the gaps!  I wouldn't want to replace your person, but if I can just step in to help temporarily, Please call me!  

If your contractor doesn't want to do a certain job, or if they're TOO BUSY, for example,  below are a few reasons to call us so we can jump in quickly--and of course we also offer the traditional and routine services (seen further down), but, these are just a few things that can pop up:

  • --A last minute issue that popped up and needs immediate attention such as a tree branch down or some peeling paint to be fixed.
  • --Repair snow plow damage to your grounds when many crews are busy with early spring cleaning rounds or if they just don't want to do it.
  • --Pick up brush, rubbish, dog waste and more before your contractor starts their lawn care services, or if they're just too busy.
  • --A quick painting pop to structures such as sheds, fences and utility buildings.
  • --Cutting lawns, mulching, etc. temporarily if you are in between contractors or if they're just too busy.
  • --"Dirty" jobs like weeding, clearing brush, etc. that your contractor just doesn't want to do!!!

And of course, I perform all of the traditional services on a full-time regular basis for commercial properties such as apartment complexes, assisted living, businesses, etc--not just fill-in small jobs as listed above...

  • But please know that my painting is limited to smaller jobs.  I typically don't paint the full exterior of buildings, and my interior work is not major projects either.  But as I mention, maybe I can fill in on some smaller jobs if your regular painter is unavailable at the time.
  • My landscaping is more comprehensive.  I am able to do most light landscaping work, EXCEPT for excavation, irrigation, landscape construction with stone, etc.


If you don't have a relationship with a contractor or are looking to change, I would LOVE the opportunity to become your "regular" contractor for painting and landscaping.  I will wow you with my:

  • --Ability to show up on short notice to handle issues that pop up.
  • --Formal scheduling system where you are in control and there is never a no-show
  • --Top Notch service from a Perfect 5-Star Rated business owner with an impeccable reputation in the community
  • --Someone who will never say "I"m too busy" and then not show up
  • --Someone who will ALWAYS return calls promptly and owns any mistakes

So please contact me if I can help get your commercial property in tip-top shape!  Thank, Brian